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Retin A is a highly effective medication containing a specific chemical derivative of vitamin A and used to treat acne and skin conditions of a similar type. If you are interested in a powerful medication against acne with a significant long-term effect then this cream is exactly what you need. Bear in mind that this medication is designed to provide a reliable curative effect over the long run, instead of merely masking the affected skin. Therefore, to achieve the best result plan your treatment well in advance, so that you will be able to buy Retin A Cream weeks before achieving notable results.

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Retin-A Cream/Gel

Tablet Strength: 20 mg
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Mechanism of action and drug administration

The main active ingredient of the medication is a substance called tretinoin; in fact, you may even find it under the name tretinoin cream at online pharmacies when searching through the Retin A cream buy online category. It directly affects the life cycle of skin cells. Normally, new skin cells, which appear in deeper layers of skin, travel to the skin surface where they eventually grow old and die. Sometimes, older cells stick together, which leads to acne and all types of inflammation. This process is especially active in teenagers because during this period all types of cells in the human body divide faster than at any other age. Retin A Cream boosts the exfoliation rate so that dead cells don’t form a thin layer, plugging pores. In addition to its curative and cosmetic effects, this medication also boosts general cell proliferation processes, providing a significant anti aging action.

Before using this medication, you should seek medical advice from your healthcare provider. Bear in mind that this cream provides a rather gradual effect, so do not switch to a generic alternative in case you observe no improvements merely days after starting the treatment. To maximize its beneficial action, try to apply the Retin A cream regularly.

Possible side effects of this medication include the following: increased skin sensitivity, redness, dry skin, itching, swelling, etc. In case of severe manifestation of any of these medical conditions, you should immediately contact your doctor. This medication may also increase the sensitivity of your skin, so you should wear protective clothing to minimize the damage from sunlight and avoid tanning salons. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should refrain from using this medication.

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To make sure our customers stay healthy and protected, we ask them to complete a health profile before purchasing prescription drugs. If you are wondering — why do I need to make a profile before my order is completed, the answer is very simple. Despite its seemingly harmless nature (after all, it is a derivative of a vitamin), Retin A Cream may cause very serious and harmful side effects when used without medical supervision. Once you submit essential information regarding your medical history and select the medication, which you wish to purchase, you will be contacted to complete your order. Of course, you can also contact our customer service after your order is shipped and ask for further clarification if necessary.

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