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Zovirax over the counter — learn more about this therapeutic agent

Zovirax Cream is an acyclovir-containing cream used to treat signs and symptoms of herpes (genital herpes) and cold sores. Unfortunately, neither this nor any other medication designed to treat these contagious diseases does not provide a complete curative effect; presently, medical science is unable to cure such a disease forever. Nevertheless, it is rightfully considered the best medication against this specific viral infection. You can purchase Zovirax over the counter in our online pharmacy — however, in some regions, a prescription is required to complete the order and obtain the shipment.

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What you should know about it

The therapeutic agent inhibits a specific enzyme called polymerase blocking further replication of the pathogen that causes at least two types of viral infections — herpes simplex virus. Its main active ingredient is a specific chemical substance with a powerful virus-inhibiting action: acyclovir is an antiviral agent that decreases the severity of viral outbreaks and allows you to spend more time without suffering from such infections. The drug rarely causes notable side effects, and the most common of them observed in different groups of patients are limited to several cases of nausea, occasional diarrhea, or headache. However, the medication may provoke an allergic reaction in hypersensitive people. If you discover any signs of such a reaction, you should immediately discontinue your treatment and seek professional medical advice.      This medication is considered safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, serious medical condition caused by the application of this cream during pregnancy are unlikely. Although this drug is considered safe, it should be used with care in people with significantly weakened functions of the immune system, which may occur because of HIV or AIDS, radiation exposure, cancer, extremely old age, transplantation of bone marrow, etc.Inform your doctor or pharmacist about your condition before starting any type of therapy with antiviral medications.

How to use it

Although side effects caused by this medication are relatively rare and the tissues provide minimal absorption rate when it comes to its active ingredient, deviations from the prescribed treatment schedule are prohibited. The cream should be applied on dry and clean skin. You should also wash your hands before applying the cream on the affected area of the skin and clean themafter it. Do not mix this cream with other skincare products, includingvarious creams and lotions. Keep in mind that this medication provides an antiviral effect only. In other words, it is useless in the treatment of infections caused by bacteria and fungi. Do not try to treat infected wounds and scratch marks with an antiviral cream designed to treat specifically herpes infection.

Under normal conditions, doctors recommend applying it 4-5 times a day for 6-7 days. The same regimen is usually prescribed for patients suffering from herpes zoster.The general idea is to treat the affected area every four hours skippingnight hours. You should treat cold sores with care and avoid rubbing them — failure to do so would only help herpes infection spread further. In summary, Zovirax Cream is very effective in the treatment of cold sores fever blisters causing fast healing of the affected skin areas. You can continue applying the cream for a few days even after the sores are healed.

It should be noted that you must not treat genital herpes with Zovirax Cream. In fact, it is usually treated with pills rather than with acyclovir-containing creams because clinical studies demonstrate decreased effectiveness of this pharmaceutical form in comparison with classic pills.

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